Episode 27 - Inessa Frantowski

What do you think of when you think of "One of a kind"? That rare diamond that people get to look at but not touch? That kick ass art show in Toronto? A dragon? We think of Inessa Frantowski (The Amazing Gay Pile, Second City, Uprights Citizens Brigade)! Join in the fun and laughs with Matt and Naomi, as they talk to Inessa about the dangers of eating at public restaurants in LA, and Love - which is MORE dangerous we wonder???

Episode 25 - Ayumi Iisuka

Chatting with Ayumi Iisuka (Second City, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel) about her love of dogs, how she fosters them, and how that makes her better than us. We also learn the true meaning behind “dog day afternoon”.  Dogs are 'reading' us and our inner emotions. WARNING: don’t let your dog listen to this episode, it will be too emotional!

Episode 24 - James Gangl

Naomi and Matt talk with Second City alumnus James Gangl about California Inspired Cooking. When he's not in the kitchen, you can catch James in Annedroids and Workin’ Moms.  He is also the creator and lead in the one-person show “In Search of Cruise Control”.  We recorded this in LA, but are releasing this to celebrate his Toronto Fringe success.  Hear him on this podcast…see him in the Fringe…you can have it ALL! 

AND…find out why Matt says to Naomi “you can go kill yourself”.



Episode 23 - Trevor Devall

The man of a million voices (F is for Family, Batman VS Robin) brings a couple to the Baram & Snieckus show, as we talk about riding a motorcycle in L.A. The voice of the Emperor from Lego Star Wars tells us about acting rules that apply to L.A but not T.O, and the dangers of everyday riding on the freeways. Yeah, he had words with the young lady who drove over his bike...but he did it as Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, so: ADORABLE! Get your helmets on and have a listen!


Episode 22 - Rich Sohn

Second City Alum and a darling of any stage he appears on, Rich Sohn has been delighting audiences all over the world with his "holy crap, did he say that" style.  We talked to Rich about long distance relationships - because his partner in crime, Rebecca Sohn has been working in a different city.  He has a lot of tips...not all good...but at least there's a lot of them.