Episode 63 - Kris Siddiqi


Toronto Second City MainStage Alumni Kris Siddiqi shares his musings on his Guilty Pleasure Foods. Is it cool to eat Lucky Charms by pouring milk into the box and going to town? Do children have guilty pleasures? And when is it too late to stop having dessert for dinner? You don't have to feel guilty listening to this fun filled episode that promises to be chuck full of laughs and surprisingly low on calories. 

Episode 62 - Dave Merheje


When we had our people (Naomi) contact Dave Merheje to be on our celebrated podcast (all our followers are family members) we were elated that he accepted (we begged him). He walked into the Baram and Snieckus studio (our one bedroom apartment) as a simple man...a simple man with a Netflix special, a part on Hulu’s Ramy and appearances on hit shows like CBC's Mr.D. Since then he won a Juno Award for Comedy Album of The Year. Basically, we just want to say...you’re welcome for whatever small part we played in this journey (we did nothing). Join Matt and Naomi and JUNO AWARD WINNER DAVE MERHEJE as we talk about diners, his favourites and what his comfort foods are. What WOULD be in a "Dave Merheje Sandwich"? Find out in this episode.

Episode 61 - Live Show Part 2 - Scott Thompson


In this PART 2 of the live recording at Impro Studio in Los Angeles, our laughable couple discuss sleeping with one of their comedy heroes, Scott Thompson (Kids in The Hall). Visit Hotel Grül where memory foam impressions of your naked body is reanimated as a younger version of yourself. Discover what happens when we miss our perfect death moment. Plus, Scott gives our live audience some #BSadvice.

Episode 60 - Live Show Part 1 - Rebecca Hanson


In PART ONE of the live recording at Impro Studio in Los Angeles, Matt and Naomi talk tidying and the Marie Kondo craze with purge enthusiast and comedy expert Rebecca Hanson (Mystery Science Theater 3000). Should you throw out your partner if they no longer “spark joy”? Is it foolhardy to admit to a murder at a staff meeting? Find out what a “tuck shop” is. All this and more!

Episode 59 - Hans Holsen


In this live episode, recorded at Impro Studio in Los Angeles, our laughable couple talk community with the incredibly charming and weekly soccer organizer, Hans Holsen (Shrink and AP Bio). Find out what it means to be part of a "friends anonymous" group and what it takes to fend off freeloaders from stealing your backyard belongings. Do communities only exist to assist a death? Listen and uncover the truth! Check him out on Instagram @hansaholsen

Episode 58 - Jaime Moyer


In this episode, recorded live at Impro Studio in Los Angeles, our perpetually self examining couple, chat about making resolutions with the delightfully exuberant improv star Jaime Moyer (Modern Family Second City Detroit, Mama’s Boy Improv). We’ll meet a couple who learn to speak to each other without using hate speech. We learn the difference between a resolution and an intention, and discover what “Sleepy sleepy, no dumb deepy” really means. Will next year be "The Year of Living Through Wonderful Indictments?” Also go ahead and suggest some books for her to read in 2019 @jaime_moyer

Episode 57 - Allie Price


Allie Price gives Naomi and Matt the inside scoop on the business of weddings.

Sure, when someone gets married it’s romantic, full of love and hope...but it’s also full of choices that affect the economy, all in the name of love.  If there wasn’t love, there wouldn’t be weddings, and if there weren’t weddings - there would be even more unemployed people and a HUGE drop in post-it sales.

Find out what wedding themes Allie thinks existed in the middle ages, and how romance was expressed after saying “I do!”.

Episode 56 - Jason DeRosse


Jason Derosse (Second City, Any Given Weeknight) talks to Naomi and Matt about reality - are we real or are we living in a simulation?  AND if we are in a simulation, can we stop going to the gym and can we eat more Chinese food? How do you know you’re living in an altered state? Is it when you see a deja vu or is it when you pull a push door? WHY DID I TAKE THE RED PILL???? So many questions that will be asked in this episode, with so few answers.

Episode 55 - Marypat Farrell


Naomi and Matt tackle the world of regret with Marypat Farrell (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Workaholics, Baroness Von Sketch Show).

Have you lived the life you hoped for? How many hours HAVE you spent on Instagram? Marypat dives deep into what it means to examine your life and think “Yeah, maybe I should have visited the fine city of Miami and not just stayed home watching reruns of CSI Miami.”.

Episode 54 - Anand Rajaram


Anand Rajaram (Second City Toronto, Miss Sloane, Odd Squad) joins Baram and Snieckus as they search for meaning and the meaning of meaning, meaning meaning is not only just the meaning but the meaning of the meaning itself as a meaning itself. Get their meaning? Not only the meaning of life but the meaning behind asking the question, "What is the meaning of life?". Also can you choose your own nickname? And what happens when your tour guide is named Jewsus? The answer to those questions and more on what is easily the most esoteric Baram and Snieckus episode to date.   

Episode 53 - Jim Annan

We’re making America ‘grateful’ again as Naomi and Matt talk to the hilarious Jim Annan (Second City, Falcon Powder-The Whole Truths) about Canadian Thanksgiving. What happens when two brothers have a private thanksgiving dinner, with a hot tub? What happens when your daughter gets into a polyamorous relationship with her manicurist and his cousin who runs an ashram?  Slip into a laughter-filled-turkey-coma with us as we hang out with one of our favourite Canadian jokers. Find more Jim Annan at @FalconPowder

Episode 52 - Lisa Linke


Matt and Naomi chat with the one and only Lisa Linke (Second City, Dog Therapist, This is Us, Modern Family) about the plastics in the world. This is going to make you laugh AND educate you in the world of cutting down plastics. You're welcome!

Also, find out about how to make a baby from recycled plastics and why it’s taken so long to create a male version of the “blow up doll”…and MORE!



Episode 51 - Carla Gallo


Matt and Naomi talk with kick ass lady and bargain shopper extraordinaire Carla Gallo (Bones, Undeclared, Neighbours) about the joys of finding a treasure at an estate sale.

She educates us on how to get your elbows up, and get that thing that you didn’t even know you needed for the place in your home - even if it’s an organ, and the place is your garage gathering dust.

Did you ever want to know what the first item sold at the very first estate sale was? What is a spite sale? And what was the scandal that Donna Reeve went through in the 1950’s? Listen to this! You’re welcome.

Episode 50 - Eddie Mujica


Matt and Naomi chat with Eddie Mujica (Second City, The Talk, Superior Donuts) about that great Canadian sport: Basketball. Listen to the ambiguity in his voice and the passion that he can’t contain, as Eddie tells us everything we didn’t know about the sport.

Who invented the high five? What shoe was banned? Who is Muggsy Bogues anyway? Why is the “hyper step fade” never done on a basketball court? What is a double-double in Cuba? 

You can find the answers to all these questions and more if you put us in your ear holes!

Check out Eddie's short film “Dreamer”

Episode 48 - Nick Clark

Baram and Snieckus_Header_E48.png

Hang out with Matt and Naomi as they discuss such frivolities as the end of the world with genius improviser Nicholas Daly Clark (Impro Theatre School LA, Con Man). Do you know what you’re going to do at the end of the world? Listen to this podcast and get all the answers about what to do and what you’ll need....and what you won’t need, and what you shouldn’t do! Whether or not the end of the world is coming, we’re having some laughs right now. Join us!

Episode 47 - Natasha Negovanlis

Baram and Snieckus_Header_E47.png

Matt and Naomi chat with 'Freelancers Anonymous', and 'Carmilla' star Natasha Negovanlis about the highs and lows of getting jet lag. Find out her theory on how people used to get over their jet lag in the olden days.  Also, you'll NEVER believe what the name for the Winnipeg Jets was going to be, according to Natasha! Get your neck pillow and settle in for some in-flight entertainment!

Episode 46 - Albert Howell

Baram and Snieckus_Header_E46.png

Naomi and Matt chat with Second City Alum, and former writer on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Albert Howell about his plans to drive their car across the country from Los Angeles to Toronto. Is he ready? Will he ever be ready? Albert has some great tips on how to stay awake and the answer to the question: “What yoga pose was inspired by long distance driving?”. 

PLUS - Have you heard of “The Gum Ball Rally” — no? Neither had we. Find out more about it here because Al has never been more excited about anything.

Episode 45 - Nelu Handa

Baram and Snieckus_Header_E45.png

Have a listen with your ear holes as Matt and Naomi chat with Nelu Handa (Workin’ Mom’s, Baroness Von Sketch Show) about Manifestation. Nelu teaches Matt about intention and vision boards…and the intention of a vision board. You have to start some where! If you were wondering what the Drake Manifesto is, Nelu will tell you in this episode - AND find out what intention she sets that comes through before your very ears!!