Episode 62 - Dave Merheje


When we had our people (Naomi) contact Dave Merheje to be on our celebrated podcast (all our followers are family members) we were elated that he accepted (we begged him). He walked into the Baram and Snieckus studio (our one bedroom apartment) as a simple man...a simple man with a Netflix special, a part on Hulu’s Ramy and appearances on hit shows like CBC's Mr.D. Since then he won a Juno Award for Comedy Album of The Year. Basically, we just want to say...you’re welcome for whatever small part we played in this journey (we did nothing). Join Matt and Naomi and JUNO AWARD WINNER DAVE MERHEJE as we talk about diners, his favourites and what his comfort foods are. What WOULD be in a "Dave Merheje Sandwich"? Find out in this episode.