Off the Record: Milk & Bone

Photo credit: Le Pigeon

Photo credit: Le Pigeon

One of the easiest ways for us to give back to the music industry that sustains us is to open our studios up to new acts in need of recording space. When our clients have cleared out for the day, the lights often stay on to make way for talents like Milk & Bone, an up and coming electro-pop duo from Montréal who are making waves on the international scene. They are the first in our Off the Record series where we showcase the talent that records here, after dark.

Photo credit: Le Pigeon

Photo credit: Le Pigeon

You know that euphoric feeling you get when you discover a little known act and you are certain of their future success based on hearing one track alone? Long before the much anticipated launch of their first album, electro-pop duo Milk & Bone, made up of Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beauline, won us over when they were featured in Known by Sight by Misteur Valaire.

Here's a little background:

Laurence and Camille first met and became friends at Cégep Saint-Laurent where both were studying music. At the time, they shared the stage with David Giguère, which allowed them to get a feel for each other’s respective styles. It was also at that time that they met Gabriel Gagnon who would eventually produce their first album, Little Mourning, launching March 17th.

                            Gabriel Gagnon of Apollo Studios.

                            Gabriel Gagnon of Apollo Studios.

Fast forward to 2013. Camille and Laurence are now touring recording artists when they are offered to participate in Known by Sight by Mister Valaire. The result: an electrifying stand out on the album. After that success, they begin working together more closely and call on their friend Gabriel Gagnon for help composing and recording their first single New York

The track is an instant success, garnering more than 50,000 views and a “Vimeo Staff Pick” in less than a week. In February 2015, Milk & Bone releases Pressure, which is at 350,000 plays after a mere month and a half.

The composing and recording of their first album took place over the course of a year, at Apollo Studios with weekly sessions, always overseen by Gabriel.

The two tell us about the recording process:

“In studio, every song needed it’s own process. We’d often come with song already written on the piano or the ukulele. We sometimes had a clear idea of the universe we wanted to create with the songs, but other times we were completely lost when it came to the multitude of choices we had before us. That’s why it was so important for us to work with someone creative like Gabriel, someone who could help us get over those blocks and put out an album we would be proud of.”

Gabriel adds,

“They always came with the core of the track recorded (on piano or ukulele). I really wanted to respect the sensibility of the tracks, that raw fragile aspect, push the melodies and harmonies up front and bring in analogue textures to keep a kind of warmth.”

As for the future, well, it speaks for itself:

“For the moment, we are putting all our energy into the preparations for the launch this March 17th at the Phi Centre. The next day, we head off to SXSW for three shows. In the next few months, we’ll be doing more development here in Quebec, in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia.”

Their first album, Little Mourning, will officially go on sale in Canada March 17th and in the US March 31st.