Off the Record: RIVVER

Recorded in our studios during free moments between sessions and late into nights after everyone else at the office had packed up and went home, Rivver (aka François Bélanger) developed his second musical work: DIMENSIONPowered by a sound that is both hypnotizing and organic, Rivver transports the listener into a bewitching and mysterious universe that the director Jeremy Comte wanted to convey (and did so brilliantly) in his music video dedicated to the abum’s first single: “Am I Ok” featuring Milk & Bone.

Here is what lies beneath the artist we are all fans of at Apollo: RIVVER.



i-    Am I Ok is a very introspective piece. How would you have portrayed this if you were the director?

I couldn’t have depicted it any better than Jeremy Comte did. The video he created was sort of a happy accident. During the filming of his short film PATHS, an aesthetic mix of unknown testimonials encountered during his travels, Comte developed his ability to spontaneously interview all sorts of people from different backgrounds. He continued interviewing people after the release of his documentary during his other travels, and these scenes were finally used in the video for Am I Ok.

ii-    Your visual identity is indistinguishable from your musical identity. Talk to us a bit about your concept.

Every work possesses its proper identity: photos by Francois Ollivier were taken on a single-lens reflex camera and then later reworked by the graphic artist, Sébastien Camden. We worked together on the symmetrical, kaleidoscopic, and reflective aspects of the video. I really wanted to have visual continuity, like I did on my preceding EP. I place a lot of importance on brand image, on a strong and recognizable identity. I work in the advertising industry and aesthetics are important to me.

iii-   You are based in Montreal, Canada. How would you describe the musical scene from which you evolve and how does it influence your creative process?

Honestly, I don’t see many artistic Montreal shows. The concept of a “local scene” has evolved a lot since the arrival of the Internet. Culture is imported and exported much more easily. However, I like collaborating with local artists. There have been a few international artists that have proposed to produce videos for my music, but so far it didn’t speak to me very much. Personally, it’s the human connection that is very important in the creative process. That’s probably why all of the musical and visual collaborations on the album are Montreal based. Still, I would really like for Rivver to be heard outside of here, so I’m super open to all sorts of approaches.

iV-   Are you planning on playing any live shows in the near future?

I’m still not sure of what direction I should take on the live scene. Even if I’m considered an electric producer, my style of composing is pretty Rock and pretty traditional. For example, the guitar that can be heard on Am I Ok, I recorded it in the studio. If I decide to play a show, I would be inclined to play with other musicians, and not alone behind some machines. Since I’m a perfectionist by nature, I really want to take the time to make sure everything is how I want it to be before I jump into playing shows.

V-    Dimension, 4 tracks. Are you familiar with the fourth dimension? What does it inspire in you?

The Soul.


“A spiritual man I know believes that we can consider time as the fourth dimension […] But its also a feeling.” (Jean-Baptiste le Rond D’Alembert)