Apollo Studios Toronto's new home

Mile Inn’s new Toronto office, a renovated three-story Victorian house, has the vibes of a trendy boutique hotel, right across the street from the AGO on Dundas.


This transformation was made possible with the help of Mahmood Popal and Danielle Hession from interior design firm MAAST. The result: tons of communal space and a distinct vibe for each boutique space where the main floor’s kitchen and living room acts as a meeting and eating area for crews from Apollo Studios, Morrison, 1one Production and Popp Rok.

Shout out to Kijiji, IKEA and Toronto’s thrift markets that were key contributors on the refurbishment.

“We were prepared for a long hunt,” said Yan Dal Santo, Co-President of Mile Inn. “We had such particular needs — soundproof studios with dimmers, a cinema room, various office spaces — but we also wanted enough communal space to inspire each other and our clients.”  It was important that Mile Inn office still felt like a small shop, even with its long labyrinthine hallways. 


Photos credit: Kayla Rocca

Makers' Music : Episode 2

Makers' Music : Episode 2

Barber by day and electronic music producer by night, Rob Squire’s life is surrounded by music. There’s a big difference however, in the music you’ll hear playing at his barbershop and the music he produces as a DJ. In this second episode of Makers' Music, Squire explains his relationship with music and the role that it plays in his two professions. 

Off the Record: RIVVER

Off the Record: RIVVER

Recorded in our studios during free moments between sessions and late into nights after everyone else at the office had packed up and went home, Rivver (aka François Bélanger) developed his second musical work: DIMENSION. Powered by a sound that is both hypnotizing and organic, Rivver transports the listener into a bewitching and mysterious universe that the director Jeremy Comte wanted to convey (and did so brilliantly) in his music video dedicated to the abum’s first single: “Am I Ok” featuring Milk & Bone.

Off the Record: Milk & Bone

One of the easiest ways for us to give back to the music industry that sustains us is to open our studios up to new acts in need of recording space. When our clients have cleared out for the day, the lights often stay on to make way for talents like Milk & Bone, an up and coming electro-pop duo from Montréal who are making waves on the international scene. They are the first in our Off the Record series where we showcase the talent that records here, after dark.

Featured Collaborator: Felix & Paul Studios

Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael (Felix & Paul Studios) have been making waves in the world of virtual reality since the release of Strangers with Patrick Watson at SXSW last year. Since then, they have been commissioned by the likes of Samsung, Dos Equis and a major hollywood studio to bring their signature approach to the emerging medium.