Episode 66 - The Game is Always Changing

Toby and Kirsh bring Mike Skolnik back in studio to talk about the Raptors and how Jonas Valanciunas is becoming expendable.  Uncle Leo chimes in for Leafs talk and then Owen Townley (The Dirties, Operation Avalanche) sits down to discuss how baseball is changing and, in his opinion, only getting better.  

ALSO listen for a big announcement at the very end of the episode.  There is some exciting stuff on the horizon for the Toby Talks Sports podcast...

Episode 60 - The NFL Season Begins


Toby and Kirsh discuss the start of the NFL season and wether or not they care about it.  They also get into what happened between Michael Bennett and the Las Vegas police department.  Finally, the guys talk about how Boston is becoming the place where teams go to cheat.
Aaron Bronsteter (TSN) makes his second appearance on the pod to talk about his experience at the Mayweather/Mcgreggor fight in Las Vegas.

Episode 58 - 2017-18 Toronto Raptors


Dan Gladman (Toronto Raptors) sits in for Mike Kirsh and takes on guest hosting duties so it is only natural that Toby and Dan talk about the upcoming Raptors season.  They also get into conversation about how well Toronto fans travel to see their favourite teams and why they think it is commonplace to do so.  They then call up Andrew Damelin (TSN) to talk about the big trade that just went down between the Cavs and Celtics.